Andrey Koulev

Cinéaste, Bulgarie

Filmographie Reflection (coréal. Dimitar Kotsev, cm, animation, 1996) The Fool Moon (cm, animation, 1997) Poet and Pegasus (cm, animation, 2003) The House (cm, 2004) Kashtata (cm, animation, 2004) Rekata (cm, 2005) The River (cm, 2007) The River (TV, animation, 2008) Line (cm, animation, 2009) The Piano Player (coréal. Assia Kovanova, cm, animation, 2012) Love With Occasional Showers Lyubov s prevalyavaniya (coréal. Assia Kovanova, cm, animation, 2016) The Nights of a Lonely Messenger (cm, 2017) Fishes, Swimmers, Boats Ryby, plovtsy, korabli (coréal. Dmitry Geller, cm, animation, 2017) The Man With the Pipe (doc, 2021) Santiago (cm, animation, 2021)