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La Rochelle International Film Festival

Dear friends,

Online Fema is approaching… You’ll find the programme details on our website. The selection of 16 films for 5 euros will be accessible from 26.06 to 05.07 on LaCinetek.

On 03.07 at 10 pm, in partnership with the Cinémathèque de Grenoble, the Festival du Film court de Grenoble and the Agence du court métrage, the Fema will present a night of “horror and thrills” featuring twenty-four short films, including Valérie Mréjen’s uplifting Rendez-vous avec la peur.

To celebrate the reopening of movie theatres, we are presenting a program of 7 Premiere screenings. Summer films will be presented at La Coursive, including new films by François Ozon (Cannes 2020), Guillaume Brac (Berlin 2020) and Andreï Konchalovsky, as well as a very Rohmerian film from Spain, a remarkable documentary by Michel Leclerc, a masterpiece of neorealism, a Lithuanian discovery, and an evening event paying homage to Michel Piccoli. Many guests are expected.

In addition, seven of the finest films starring Michel Piccoli will be shown at Le Concorde cinema in La Roche-sur-Yon, from 24.06, in partnership with Fema.

Until we meet again on LaCinetek website then at La Coursive, check out the trailer for our 48th edition!

We also invite you to sign the petition established by a collective of seventy video editors who treat us all to beautiful Blu-ray and DVD box sets.

See you soon,

The Fema team