Tribute to a young Spanish director

After announcing retrospectives dedicated to Audrey Hepburn and Pier Paolo Pasolini, we now would like to reveal the name of a young Spanish filmmaker whom we discovered with the release in France, by Arizona Distribution, of his film The August Virgin. A delicate summer stroll through the streets of Madrid, whose preview screening we were able to offer you in early July 2020, when French theaters reopened, through our Carte blanche program at La Coursive in La Rochelle.

After that weekend of preview screenings, when we hosted Jonás Trueba and his co-writer and actress Itsaso Arana, we are delighted to pay tribute to this director who has already made 6 films, the latest of which will have its theatrical release April 20. Halfway between documentary and fiction, Who’s Stopping Us follows a group of young people over 5 years, with their stories of friendship, love, and political reflection, tracing the portrait of a questioning generation.

All Jonás Trueba’s feature films will be scheduled at La Rochelle this July: from Todas las canciones hablan de mí (2010) to Who’s Stopping Us (2016-2021), with 4 films never before shown in theaters. Discover the work of one of the most promising European directors of his generation.

During the festival, a public Q&A session will be moderated by Marcos Uzal, editor-in-chief of Cahiers du ciném

À très bientôt for other tributes and prestigious guests at this 50th edition of the Festival, held at La Rochelle July 1–10, 2022.