Health Mesures

— Health measures implemented for Fema La Rochelle 2021

Last update: FRIDAY, 05/21


Starting Tuesday 05/18 (online ticket service opens)

Ticket Service
  • Unlimited passes and multi-entry passes (EXCEPT full-price 3-entry pass) available online to avoid long waits at Ticket Service counters — in-person purchase at La Coursive during the festival

Wednesday 06/23 to Tuesday 06/29

Ticket Service
  • Dedicated line to collect prepaid passes at festival Ticket Service—La Coursive
  • No-contact payment by credit/debit card (up to 50€) preferred
  • Early-morning screening added at festival theaters (9:00 am slot)
  • Due to 11:00 pm curfew, no late evening screening (10:00 pm slot)
  • 65% occupancy maximum for all festival theaters
  • Seating arrangement: = 1 empty seat = to the right and to the left of each festivalgoer or group

Wednesday 06/30 to Sunday 07/04

  • Early-morning screenings continue in two Dragon theaters (9:30 am slot)
  • Return of late-evening screenings (10:00 pm slot), except in the two Dragon theaters with early-morning screenings
  • Return to 100% occupancy for all festival theaters

Throughout the festival

  • Opening of new screening room, Théâtre Verdière-La Coursive, for more comfortable viewing and a full program of festival films (despite the closing of the Olympia)
  • To avoid lobby overcrowding as theaters fill and empty, screenings will be =time-phased= according to venue
  • To avoid long waits for access to the Dragon theaters, the following may be collected at the Dragon ticket window:
    Priority screening access voucher / 2:00—5:00—8:00 pm slots (afternoon and early-evening)
    — for all Dragon theaters and up to maximum theater occupancy
    extended hours to collect vouchers for all same-day screenings: from 8:30 am until all vouchers for each screening are collected
    —- priority screening access with voucher is guaranteed only up to 10 minutes before start of screening
    —– 10 minutes before start of screening, if seats are still available or if all vouchers for a given screening have not been collected, last-minute access without a voucher is possible


  • Masks must be worn in all public areas of the festival, including inside theaters and during screenings
  • Hand sanitizer available at all festival area entrances
  • No more than 100 persons at a time in the La Coursive lobby
  • Foot-traffic directions: entrances and exits differentiated by specific signage—to be validated
  • Time-phased (row by row) exits from theaters
  • Theater disinfection: systematic and cyclical
  • Restroom cleaning and disinfection: frequent