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The Festival Association

La Rochelle International Film Festival operates under the legal responsibility of an association, the Association du Festival International du Film de La Rochelle (FIFLR).

The FIFLR delegates organisation of the festival to a team of professionals led by Prune Engler, the festival’s chief representative.

This team organises the festival from its offices in Paris and La Rochelle, while the FIFLR’s board of directors develops local initiatives aimed at fostering greater harmony between the city of La Rochelle, the Charente-Maritime département, the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region and the festival itself.

This process involves:

- Working with social actors from the local economic fabric by establishing new links with La Rochelle businesses and tradespeople in order to create a closer relationship between the prestigious film festival and the regional economy.

- Developing initiatives targeting university and secondary school students (on-campus survey, development of tools to manage spectator numbers by local engineering school EIGSI, concessionary rates on tickets, special student events during the festival, etc.) in partnership with teachers and organisations running film-related activities.

- Writing and disseminating the magazine "Derrière l'écran" to the association’s members (1).

(1) Any person wanting to support and help develop La Rochelle International Film Festival can join the association (for a €15 annual membership fee) as an active member if they are able to attend meetings, or as an associate member if they are a corporate body or cannot attend meetings.

The FIFLR Board of Directors

Ex officio members

Jean-François Fountaine, Mayor of La Rochelle

Arnaud Littardi, Regional Director of Cultural Affairs

Elected members​

Chair: Paul GHEZI
Vice-Chairs: Florence HENNERESSE and Daniel BURG
Treasurer: Alain LE HORS
Deputy Treasurer: François DURAND
Chief Administrative Officer: Thierry BEDON
Deputy Chief Administrative Officer: Yves FRANCILLON

Administrators: Danièle Blanchard, Marie-Claude Castaing, Hélène de Fontainieu, Pierre H. Guillard, Florian Kermorvan, Alain Pétiniaud, and Lionel Tromelin


François Gay-Lancermin


Head Office of the FIFLR Association

Address: 10 Quai Georges Simenon, 17000 La Rochelle
Tel. / Fax: +33 (0)5 46 52 28 96